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11 Free Websites to Practice English at Home

RTlibrary on FlickrRTlibrary on FlickrAt the New York Public Library's Adult Learning Centers, where adults work on basic English and literacy skills, we're often asked for recommendations of websites for adults to practice English at home. Below you'll find eleven sites, some with a focus on listening, some on vocabulary, others on grammar, and some with a range of activities. Happy learning!

Easy World of English


An attractive, user-friendly website including grammar, pronunciation, reading and listening practice and an interactive picture dictionary.

Many Things


This website includes matching quizzes, word games, word puzzles, proverbs, slang expressions, anagrams, a random-sentence generator and other computer-assisted language learning activities. The site also includes a special page on pronunciation, including practice with minimal pairs. Not the fanciest or most beautiful website, but with lots to see and use and no advertising.

Dave's ESL Cafe


A forum for both ESL teachers and students around the world. Includes quizzes, grammar explanations, and discussion forums for students. For teachers, includes classroom ideas on all subjects as well as discussion forums.

The California Distance Learning Project


Read and listen to a news stories on topics including working, housing, money and health, then work on activities based on the stories including matching pairs, vocabulary, and quiz questions. Some stories also include videos.

BBC Learning English


An array of wonderful activities for practice, some relating to current events. Includes videos, quizzes, vocabulary practice, idioms, crosswords, and much more, though all with British accents.

Activities for ESL Students


Grammar and vocabulary practice for all levels, including many bilingual quizzes for beginners. Also includes a link for teachers, with conversation questions, games, and many other ideas to put to use in the classroom.



This is a website for kids, but who says adults can't use it, too? The site includes educational games organized by grade level, from 1st to 5th, and is particularly good for spelling and phonics. There are games to practice vowels, uppercase and lowercase letters, Dolch sight words, synonyms and antonyms and more.

TV 411


This site includes videos with native speakers explaining key reading concepts like critical reading, summarizing and scanning, and key life skills like signing a lease and reading a medicine label. Following each video is a comprehension quiz. Click on the blue tabs across the top lead for lessons on reading, writing, vocabulary and finance.

GCF Learn Free


A well-designed site with interactive tutorials for everything from operating an ATM machine to reading food labels. If you click on the main page icon and then click on reading, the site has resources for English language learners as well, including stories to listen to and read along, and picture dictionaries.

Language Guide


This is an online picture dictionary, with everything from the alphabet to parts of the body to farm animals.

Oxford University Press


This site from Oxford University Press has activities to practice spelling, grammar, pronunciation, and listening. A bit difficult to navigate, so more suitable for advanced learners and savvy internet users.

Also, don't forget YouTube. Whatever you'd like to learn an explanation of a grammar term, idioms, a set of vocabulary enter it in the search field and an array of videos are sure to come up. I hope some of these sites prove useful. Enjoy! And please add your own favorite sites in the comments.

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8 English Learning Websites You Need to Become Proficient in English

Browsing Google is not enough to find the best English learning websites on the net. Google usually brings you the same websites youve already seen hundreds of times before, and you just cant get to those quality English learning websites you need.

So let me share with you, some of the best websites to learn English online that maybe hard tofind yourself.


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Englischer Grammatik


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Der Jom-Kippur-Krieg

YP2 als Krieg der Vergeltung, weil die Araber Demütigung und Niederlage im Sechstagekrieg von 1967 zu spüren. Dies eskalierte die aktuellen feindlichen Beziehungen zwischen den Arabern und Juden Datierung bereits 1922 in der modernen Ära, als der Völkerbund das Mandat nach Großbritannien (Herzog, Prolog) gewährt. Die arabische Welt wurde psychologisch jedoch durch die Zeichenfolge der frühen Siege im Konflikt YP2 bestätigt. Die Beiträge zu Camp-David-Abkommen einige Jahre später führte zu immer mehr normalisiert Beziehungen zwischen Ägypten und Israel, aber der Frieden 1973 wurde die erste Instanz eines arabischen Landes in Anerkennung des israelischen Staates. Jedoch bleiben die Spannungen im Nahen Osten heute Eskalation im Jahr 2006 auf eine Finale Konfrontation, die wir nicht vorstellen wollen.

Neben Ägypten und Syrien schickte die anderen arabischen Staaten Truppen und finanzielle Hilfe für die Kriegsanstrengungen. Jordan, Irak und anderen waren beteiligt, Bereitstellung von zusätzlichen Waffen und Finanzierung. Saudi Arabien und Kuwait gab finanzielle Unterstützung und schickte Streitkräfte. Marokko schickte drei Brigaden und Palästina Truppen geschickt. Pakistan gesendet sechzehn Piloten. Libyen geschickt Mirage Kämpfer und gab Ägypten rund $ 1 Milliarde im Krieg Hilfe. Algerien geschickt, Jagdflugzeuge, Bomber, gepanzerte Brigaden und Tanks. Tunesien geschickt 1.000 Soldaten. Sudan 3.500 Truppen geschickt. Idi Amin festgelegt ugandische Soldaten gegen Israel. Schließlich schickte Kuba 1.500 Soldaten, zusammen mit Panzern und Hubschraubern für den Krieg.

Am 6. Oktober überrascht, Israel erlitt schwere Verluste im Leben, Eigentum und Ausrüstung, während die hohen Heiligen Tage. Ein Waffenstillstand wurde ohne Erfolg gesucht. Ägyptische Führung lehnte einen Waffenstillstand oder eine sowjetische Luftbrücke in die arabischen Staaten. Daher montiert die USA eine Luftbrücke nach Israel ihr wiederherstellen helfen. Saudi Arabien führte dann die arabischen Allianzen ein Ölembargo gegen die USA und andere Westernerss in Vergeltung. Der Krieg dauerte insgesamt weniger als drei Wochen: Obwohl Ägypter und Syrer hatten während der ersten 24-48 Stunden des Krieges erweiterte, Dynamik schnell schwang anders, zugunsten Israels.

In der zweiten Woche des Krieges hatte die Syrer vollständig aus den Golanhöhen gedrängt.

In der Wüste Sinai im Süden die Israelis teilen die ägyptischen Armeen, überquerte den Suez-Kanal und eine gesamte ägyptische Armee abgeschnitten, ebenso wie ein UN-Waffenstillstand in Kraft getreten.

Obwohl ein hoher heiliger Tag und unvorbereitet auf Kampf an diesem Tag angegriffen, gewann Israel mit US-Hilfe.

USA war ein ständiger Freund des israelischen Staates seit 1948 und ein Freund für Juden wie Amerika gegen die Misshandlung der Juden und mehrere Minderheiten WWII kämpfte.

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Die besten Seiten zu ESL Lehrer/Lehrerin Jobs finden

The 2 things that really improve the success and effectiveness of anhESL lesson are games and activities. Instant correction can now be completed with just about all typos and technical mistakes on your paper. Learn French in Nice because it is one of the hot tourist attractions.nnNext up is Gaijinpot, which can be more Japan specific. Adults, generally, are able to control their behavior inside the classroom and have a clear concept of social expectations for behavior. The closeness towards the city and several cafeterias get this campus location desirable. (You could just give the students an item of paper and acquire them to accomplish it themselves.nnOnly use this with advanced, confident students to avoid upsetting anyone!. A short introductory activity can be conducted for the whole class, after which the students may be separated into pairs http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Education_in_England or groups for student-to-student activities. While you are writing more fluently, you can also start observing your errors in order to find ways to avoid them in the future.nn5) If time permits, the students can swap partners and do it again. There are not any requirements for teaching privately, although there may be some state business licensing requirements. This permits each student to pay attention to and / or read in addition to recorded non-fiction articles or stories. There are a few minor issues that crop up though that I want to discuss (if your language native language isn\'t English and also you intend on teaching reading skills in English).nnWhile many American students are struggling with their foreign language classes such as French, German, or Spanish, ESL students are now being immersed in a culure that they are not quite familiar with, and forced to talk the language. These could include an English degree, a TESOL or CELTA certificate, a TEFL certificate (to teach in a non-English-speaking country) and/or a teaching credential. What belongs for you but others use it more than you doh (Your name).nn1) Look at the lesson material. The software can be extremely specific and general all at the same time. Incidentally, speaking a language apart from English may be of use at times, however it isn\'t an absolute requirement for your majority of ESL teaching jobs.nnAll ESL classrooms can usually benefit from ESL multilevel activities in certain capacity. These include Bilingual Schools, International Schools, Montessori Schools and Language Schools. Your usual grammar mistakes can now be prevented and you also are now able to commence to write with great ease. Students have to discuss whether multinationals really are a bane or perhaps a boon to local cultures. Comprehension Dialogues - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.nnThe most common mistake for beginning ESL teachers is they think that because they really are a teacher they require to do most of the talking through explanation and instruction. You can collect information following that regarding the teaching process, job opportunities and compensation. Because all students are tested on their abilities in content areas, so must the ESL students be tested.nnIn fact it is hard, tiring but satisfying work. This can be accomplished with assigning tasks such as role-plays, dramas, games, debates, interviews or writing. Buy Now(price as of Nov 6, 2014).